Un grand peut-être
  1. Porto, Portugal

    Porto, Portugal

  2. Majestic Cafe - Porto, Portugal

    Majestic Cafe - Porto, Portugal

  3. Ok, I am about to back track so hard to catch up on my blog…

    Here goes nothing.

  4. Château de Chenonceau

    Chenonceau, France

  5. 25 fevrier

    It’s 3:00 and today (my third day in Paris) has already been the best so far, which is funny considering it started with me on the way to hospital. My foot has been hurting really badly, and finally this morning I could not put up with it anymore. But for some reason, by the time I got near the hospital it felt quite a bit better. So instead, I ended up hanging out along the Seine and doing a bit of shopping. It’s still snowing which must mean the weather gods have a thing for me. But the cold is a bit miserable.

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